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Caspian Heavy Lift, Astana, Kazakhstan October 2 nd , 2015


Active offshore development of the Caspian Sea has resulted in a booming oil and gas industry and associated industries in the region. This led to many complex projects related to delivery and building of offshore platforms, artificial islands, oil refineries, pipelines, etc. At the same time, Caspian and Central Asian logistics is distinguished by a number of geographical and administrative features.

Dmitry Fomin, Project Manager at Instar Logistics shared aspects of OOG and heavy-lift logistics from the Caspian Sea to the Talimanjar Power Plant in Uzbekistan during his speech at the 4th International Conference “Caspian Heavy Lift” on October, 2, 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan at the Hotel “Kazzhol Astana”. This was a very challenging logistical operation given the number of obstacles en route and the parlous nature of the roads in both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The company will move the heaviest piece of equipment in the form of a single piece, 400 tonne, Mitsubishi-built gas turbine from Kuryk port on the Caspian over 2000 kilometres to Talimanjar.

In addition, Instar Logistics had meetings with regional customers including Tengiz Chevroil Operator (TCO), Rominserve (EPC for Pavlodar Oil Refinery) as well as partners from Georgia, Turkey and Russia

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