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Transportation boilers from Bosch plant in Germany in the city of Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Instar Logistics Company has successfully organized and carried out the transportation of five boilers from BOSCH factory in Germany and in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

This is equipment was necessary for the creation of vital object infrastructure. Тransportation route passed from Gunzenhausen / Germany (factory) where been loading and delivery vehicles in the river port of Roth / Germany has been carried out.

Further, transship on a barge and then delivery to the port of Rotterdam. This port transship from a barge on a ship for successive delivery to St. Petersburg port. In St. Petersburg, conducted conducted registration of transit declarations, the organization of intermediate survey of cargo and overload on the cars for delivery to Shymkent destination. From St. Petersburg cars we drove through the city Aktobe (Kazakhstan) where has been made the customs clearance. In Shymkent organized by request of the recipient unloading of cargo from trucks on the foundation with setting boilers for fixing points

Parameters 1 Boiler: 10.76 x 4.52 x 4.79 / 85.240 kg.

The beginning of works - 10/30/2014, at the end - of 12.26.2014

Detailed description of the project in a press release in Russian and English languages

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