ABB - PKN Orlen Wloclawek Projeсt


  • Transportation 1 Transformer 180 tons from Bad Honnef to Wloclawek
  • Barge transportation from Bad Honnef to Duisburg port
  • Transshipment Duisburg port into coaster vessel forward shipment to Gedansk port


  • Transportation per truck from plant Bad Honnef to barge jetty
  • RoRo loading onto barge
  • Barge transportation to Duisburg port
  • Transshipment via Terminal Duisburg from barge into coaster-vessel
  • Sea-Transport from Duisburg to Gedansk
  • Handling floating crane transshipment form coaster vessel onto ponton
  • Transportation with ponton via river Weichsel after reaching suitable water-level
  • Landing Transformer at Wloclawek for further transportation to foundation