Bosch – Shymkent Project


  • Transportation of 5 Boilers from Gunzenhausen (Germany) up to Shymkent (Kazakhstan)
  • Dimensions per boiler 10,76 x 4,52 x 4,79 m / 85.240 kgs + 10 Standard Trucks Accessories
  • Transport in 2 LOTS (1. LOT 2x Boiler & 2. LOT 3x Boiler)
  • Transport period: October 2014 – January 2015 (bad weather condition due to winter period)


  • Road transport from Gunzenhausen (Germany) to river port Roth (Germany) and loading into river barge
  • Delivery from river port Roth (Germany) to Port of Export Rotterdam (Netherlands) by river barge and unloading onto quay
  • Loading into sea going vessel and ocean transport from Port of Export Rotterdam (Netherlands) to Port of Import St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • Road Transport to jobsite in Shymkent

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