Polyarnaya TPS


  • Transportation and customs clearance of gas turbine power complex and water heating boilers for Polyarnaya TPS from Norrköping (Sweden) to Salekhard (Russia)
  • 5 332 м3 of total volume, 194 transport units


  • Water heating boilers has been transported to consolidation point at Hamburg from different Europe plants (Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland)
  • Waterway transportation of gas turbine power complex from Norrköping to Hamburg
  • Consolidation of all the equipment on the vessel at the port of Hamburg
  • Sea freight from Hamburg to Murmansk (Russia), customs clearance operations at Murmansk Customs office
  • Sea freight from Murmansk to Yamburg (Russia) by North Sea Route
  • Transshipment operations at Yamburg, cargo loading on three barges, delivery up to constructed Salekhard berth
  • Transshipment of cargo to road transport and delivery up to the site of Polyarnaya TPS, unloading operations at site