Troitskaya TPS


  • Transportation of the stator and transformer from Constanta (Romania) to Troitsk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia)
  • Transformer dimensions is 10470 х4060 х4690 mm, weight of 360 t. Stator dimensions is 10402 x 4000 x 4344 mm, weight of 310 t
  • Total volume of regular items: more than 220 containers, total weight of sized items: more than 4 000 t


  • Delivery from China to the port of Constanta and uploading to the river vessel
  • Delivery from the port of Constanta to the port of Volgodonsk (Russia) by river-sea vessel
  • Overloading by a crane on a barge in Volgodonsk and river delivery to the port of Ufa (Russia)
  • Ro-ro unloading in the port of Ufa and loading on 28-axe rail transporter of an articulated type
  • Railway delivery to the site of Troitskaya thermal power station
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