Antipinsky OilRefinery 2016, delivery of 4 NRK modules

Instar Logistics has delivered4 modules of continuous catalyst regeneration (NRK) produced by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company for theAntipinsky Oil Refinery, as well as a reformer. Overall dimensions of each moduleare 35x8x8 meters, its weight is 200 tons. The reformer is of 32 meters lengthand 60 tons mass.

The cargo was accepted at theterminal in Korea-based port of Mokpo. Marine transportation was carried outaboard freight ship BBC LOUSIANA having two own cranes of 300 tonsof total load-lifting capacity.

After unloading, the ship headedfor Vladivostok where customs clearance of the cargo was carried out and thereformer was unloaded and dispatched on a 120-ton railway transporter to the siteof the customer. The ship with 4 modules headed through the Bering Strait alongthe Northern Sea Route till the mouth of the Ob River. In the course of thetrip, icebreaker assistance was used. In the mouth of the Ob River, in theharbor of the locality Novy Port, the modules were transhipped to a speciallyoutfitted barge Damen 6316. All 4 modules were installed on one barge.

The barge with the cargoheaded for the special Terminal built by our company in the locality of Antipino(a suburb of Tyumen), where the modules were unloaded by means of the Ro-Romethod using a self propelled transporter Goldhofer PST\SL-E, anddelivered to the site of the customer. In the territory of theAntipinsky Oil Refinery, the cargo was tackled under a process rack the overalldimensions for passage under which exceeded overall dimensions of the modules byjust a little.

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