Shah Deniz and the Southern Corridor


The Azeri Shah Deniz gas field, operated by the oil ‘supermajor’ BP Plc, is one of the largest gas developments in the world. It is enabling diversification of European energy by bringing Caspian gas resources to European markets, for the very first time.

The discovery of the huge Shah Deniz field and the subsequent engineering feat that is the South Caucasus Pipeline, enabled Azerbaijan to deliver over 40 billion cubic metres of gas to domestic, Georgian and Turkish consumers. As the development of the Southern Gas Corridor progresses, the European energy map is changing. Gas travels through 3,500 kilometres of pipeline to elevations of over 2,500 metres, and over 800 metres below the sea to customers in Greece, Bulgaria and Italy as well as Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

Global transportation specialist Instar Logistics is providing full service logistics services in this $45 billion capital investment project by ensuring the safe and secure transportation, customs clearance and final delivery of specialist ENI SAIPEM equipment to the pipe laying sites in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Specialist tracked pipe laying vehicles took the 20-day voyage from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates toTbilisi, Georgia. Customs clearance through the port was under a temporary import regime. Crane assisted de-embarkation and the vehicles, weighing upwards of 50 tonne, were despatched to the pipeline construction sites via a fleet of Instar Logistics low loader trucks.

The Shah Deniz and Southern Corridor pipeline project is one of the largest and most complex endeavours in the history of the energy industry. The project has the cooperation of 11 companies, seven governments and 11 wholesale gas buyers. Instar Logistics operates in all the countries that cooperate in the Southern Gas Corridor.

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