Komsomolsk oil refinery


  • Transportation and customs clearance of 19 hydrocracking reactors from Masan ( South Korea) to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur (Russia) for Komsomolsk oil refinery
  • 15 000 m3 of total volume, total weight is 2 100 t, maximum weight of cargo item is 390 t


  • Loading of equipment on two river-sea vessels with a floating crane of 1350 t capacity at Masan sea port
  • Acquisition of special permit for the transportation with captain’s limited view
  • Strengthening of Komsomolsk river berth and unloading of cargo with a 1350 t crawler crane
  • Delivery of equipment to the site of Komsomolsk Oil Refinery with use of SPMTs and ballast tractor