Ukhta Oil Refinery


  • Transportation and customs clearance of Idesa vacuum column K-203 from Aviles (Spain) to Uhta (Komi Republic, Russia) for Lukoil oil refinery
  • 1 500 t of total weight


  • Delivery of equipment from the plant to the port of departure at Aviles (Spain)
  • Loading and sea freight from Aviles (Spain) to Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
  • Customs clearance at Saint-Petersburg
  • Transshipment operations and river transportation from Saint-Petersburg to Ust-Vim (Komi Republic, Russia) with the use of three barges
  • Preparation of berth facilities at Ust-Vim
  • Transshipment operations at Ust-Vim berth
  • Road transportation to the site of Lukoil oil Refinery at Uhta city