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The provision of lifting and installation services through our in-house engineering team and equipment.

Complex of works on unloading the reactor in Angarsk


Completed complex of works on unloading the remaining two reactors (out of 4) hydrotreating diesel fuels, transportation on the territory of "ANKhK", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.

Also in the range of activities included hardware scrolling around its axis, according to the PPR and installation in the design position. The works were carried out in the shortest possible time.

The project has been unloaded, transported and assembled the four pieces of equipment. Size and weight specifications: Length 34 m, diameter 3.6 m, weight 340 tons.


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Project Services
  • heavy lift and out of gauge cargo moves
  • customs clearance services and custom classification decisions
  • design and construction of temporary jetties, roads and bridges
  • transport engineering solutions and design
  • rig moves and relocation of man camps
  • supply base management solutions

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